Sunday, March 20, 2011

Namma Mane - Our home in Kannada ..

Namma Mane - Our home in Kanada ..

I finally decided to blog on our house decor ,, We haven't spent too much on our home decor with the kiddo around.  I have been reading soo many blogs on interior design and Indian themed home decor , and tried to incorporate some design ideas in our home.

The last few years away from India has made me so nostalgic about back home and I wanted to incorporate every bit of India and its colour and soul in our home , so that I can finally say that this is my  home. I  have been living outside for the last 4 years and till today , I can never call the place we live as "Home". The home feeling never seems to sink-in and I always feel that there is something definitely missing here . When I visit our friends houses here and see some of their Indian artifacts, I get so nostalgic and start relating to my grand-mom's house in Chennai.

My grand-mom's house is a cozee little house in the heart of Chennai. Even though it is small in size, there was everything to that house. Every inch of that house had a soul and every inch of the house spoke to me and missed me when I was away. The comfortable and relaxed feeling I have when I am there is something that I will miss for a long time.

My grandmom , and I fondly called her Ajji had a small kitchen garden . She always worked so hard to make the garden look so pretty. She had the lovely Tulasi plants in the backyard . And the lovely December and Parijatham flowers. We used to share a mango tree with the neighbours and the my most favourite tree. The Gooseberries tree. Even now, when I go to India, I get so excited by just watching these trees. These trees have been there for years and they grew with me.

Huh, miss her and the lovely house. The more I think and write, the more nostalgic I get and the more I yearn to go to India.

Anyways, I wanted to showcase some of my favourite corners of our house. I loved this Indian design and got it painted at the entrance of the house. I love the huge Vilaku and the hanging Vilaku (Lamps). I bought few of them from India this time and placed it in our house.

We wanted to celebrate Diwali exactly the way we do in India and I incorporated a small Pooja place to bring the Diwali colour and spirit.

More corners to come soon ....